Improving sustainability in Offshore operations

The transformation towards more sustainable energy production is having a marked impact on the offshore sector, with a growing focus on ensuring more sustainable operations. At the beginning of 2020 the International Marine Organisation set new guidelines for the use of fuels to curb sulphur emissions, setting the shipping industry on a greener path. Optimising […]

New workability parameters for offshore operations

The complexity with Offshore contracts Offshore contracts are notoriously hard to perfect. Workability depends on various factors that cannot be controlled, the weather being one of them. When looking at what should and shouldn’t determine workability, parameters such as weather and wave height are used, which leaves operators vulnerable to exceeding time and cost due […]

Who is MO4

The offshore industry is starting to change. New technology is emerging that make greater collaboration and clearer decision making possible. We are starting to work side-by-side with experienced Captains and stakeholders to improve safety, create and maintain cost reductions and provide workability forecasts with previously unachievable accuracy. Who are we and how are we doing […]

Start-up MO4 has received the Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2019

The professional jury looked at the innovativeness, the financial and commercial feasibility of the MO4 developed software that is said to forecast the workability of vessels in offshore operations with much more accuracy than is currently possible, by computing the influence of waves, wind, and current on vessels. This innovation is said not only to […]

Decide whether to sail out at the push of a button

This article has been written for the  “Groundbreaking SME” section for InnovatieLink and the Topsector Energie (Netherlands) MO4 has developed a fundamentally different method to determine whether it is safe to work on offshore wind farms. Linking weather forecasts to a hydromechanical model does not predict wave heights but ship motions. Up to six days […]

Interface updates

We are working hard on a new revision of MO4 that includes some exciting developments, which is expected to be released coming next month. In this news item we would like to share some of the highlights. The weather forecast dashboard has been thoroughly enhanced. It now provides an overview for forecasts from various moments […]

MO4 to receive full DNV-GL approval

Why is the DNV-GL approval relevant for the MO4 community?                Recently MO4 has obtained the “Technology Verification Letter” of DNVGL on the use of our software as decision support tool. The approval followed an extensive review project that covered all items, theory, hardware & software, of the MO4 […]

Groen Sunrise G upgrade to ONBOARD

After having used the Online Module Rederij Groen has decided to upgrade to the full MO4 ONBOARD system. As of May they will be optimising their operations with the full functionalities that MO4 ONBOARD offers.

MO4 at OTC’18 Houston

Come and visit us at the OTC booth 1525.

MO4 & Siri Marine

Jan’18 Mocean Forecast (MO4) & Siri Marine have agreed to join forces. As the MO4 technology relies partially on motion monitoring we aimed at finding a partner that would be able to offer the highest quality. In Siri Marine we found this partner. Not only bringing to the table monitoring technology but also a long […]