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Improving ship motion forecasts based on measurement data

In the previous post we examined the effect of using 2D spectral energy data to determine workable weather windows in a small case study. Here it was found that it increased the workable weather windows by 40%, compared to using the conventional method (Jonswap with varying Hs). Determining the expected vessel motions based on 2D spectral energy […]

The influence of sea state modelling on operability

In this blog post we investigate how we currently model sea states and what the implication on workability of using these models is. As engineering takes place well before the operation, the engineering team has to make assumptions. One of these assumptions lies in how we model a sea state, as detailed wave forecasts are […]

Workability of offshore operations

This blog post is part of a series of posts covering workability of offshore operations, and the role of decision support software such as MO4. The first post deals with the definition of workability and how it is determined. Any operation taking place offshore is limited by environmental influences, most commonly a combination of wind, […]