The MO4 software gathers data from a number of locations. First of all, user input is required. The user provides information regarding the loading condition of the vessel, such as the draft and GM. This information is important as it affects the vessel dynamics. The user also provides information regarding the route or location of the operation. The MO4 system requests a detailed weather forecast (either from our preferred supplier BOC MetOcean API or another data supplier) for the time and position specified by the user. The last piece of information required from the user are the operational criteria. The input of criteria is flexible, as it is different for all operations. For a conventional transport accelerations on the cargo can be provided, and for more complex operations other types of criteria are given (the impact velocity of the legs of a jack-up, cargo sway during heavy lift). The usage of operational criteria over weather criteria provides a significant increase in workability, and less commonly, in safety. This functionality makes the system an on-board motion analysis tool.

Our key partners who make all this possible are:

In cooperation with Siri Marine we have developed an integrated motion monitoring feedback system that enables enhanced accuracy and increased workability.

Mocean Offshore provides the most accurate hydrodynamic databases available on the market.

BOC MetOcean supplies metocean data through direct API connectability

The development of the MO4 suite has been suported by “de provincie Noord -holland”