At MO4 we believe that good and accurate operational data availability will enhance the efficiency of all marine operations.



Mocean Forecast B.V. is the results of several years of internal developments at both Mocean Offshore B.V. and Siri Marine B.V. This joint venture, in combination with co-founder Mark Paalvast, will be able to rely and expand fully on internal technology and skills. We aim to supply the MO4 technology to conventional and new markets and help the industry improve their safety records, reduce CO2 emissions, increase workability and enhance overall project performance. We look forward to meeting you.

Jelte Kymmell
General Manager


Management Team


Co-founder & Technical Manager. Mark has been involved in numerical modelling of a wide variety of offshore operations. His keen eye for both practical and theoretical aspects of these operations has enabled him to co-create the core of the MO4 technology.


Co-Founder & General Manager. Jelte has more than 10 years experience in modelling marine operations as well as general manager of Marine engineering specialist Mocean Offshore B.V. Jelte has laid the earliest groundwork for the MO4 technology.


Co-Founder & Sales Manager. Marleen has been responsible for the Sales of Siri Marine ‘s motion reference units for years and is now focussed at bringing the MO4 technology to all corners of the world.