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Increaing sustainability in offshore operations

Improving sustainability in Offshore operations

The transformation towards more sustainable energy production is having a marked impact on the offshore sector, with a growing focus on ensuring more sustainable operations. At the beginning of 2020 the International Marine Organisation set new guidelines for the use of fuels to curb sulphur emissions, setting the shipping industry on a greener path. Optimising processes and improving the efficiency of ongoing operations is another way of ensuring that offshore businesses lower their environmental footprint. Sustainability is revealing itself as a source of competitive advantage and for organisations to gain this advantage, it is important to incorporate the most up to date knowledge and technology available.

With offshore operations the following factors (amongst others) affect sustainability:

Fuel usage: Life at sea can be unpredictable. Vessels need to travel from ports to offshore destinations but in some cases, the motion of ships are more severe than expected, making it impossible to complete the journey. Sometimes crews depart with the impression that it’s possible to perform a certain operation, but this is based on a flawed assumption, and when arriving the ship rocks so much that a safe operation isn’t possible. A return trip with no outcomes means wasted fuel and vessel wear and tear.

Efficiency: Using vessels more efficiently and increasing their workability, ensures that projects are finished quicker and maintenance can be done more efficiently. Wind farm owners will have lower costs for installation of the various wind turbine components, cables and other equipment. As vessel costs amount to a significant part of wind farm costs, this will bring overall installation costs down and hence make green energy cheaper. The same applies to maintenance.

CO2 Emissions: Vessels weighing thousands of tons, supplying offshore platforms with equipment and personnel generate high rates of CO2 emissions. By applying technology that decrease fuel usage and maintenance and increases efficiency, emissions are lowered considerably.

MO4 has developed the technology to deal with each of these factors. By improved assessment of the necessity to leave port, greater accuracy in predicting workability and lower emission rates there is a marked difference on the bottom line and sustainability of our partner’s operations. We’d like to be able to assist your operation in becoming more sustainable and efficient. Get in touch with us to have a conversation.