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Who is MO4

Who is MO4

The offshore industry is starting to change. New technology is emerging that make greater collaboration and clearer decision making possible. We are starting to work side-by-side with experienced Captains and stakeholders to improve safety, create and maintain cost reductions and provide workability forecasts with previously unachievable accuracy. Who are we and how are we doing it? We are a dynamic, innovative and international group of engineers and software developers working on the future of next level forecasting.

Offshore operations can be a tricky business. There are many risk factors involved, which are out of the control of the people facing the daily task of keeping the operation going. Transferring personnel to and from platforms and ensuring the safety of your people are all subject to wind, weather and sea conditions. Not to mention the impact this has on the cost and schedule of projects. Traditional forecasting and modelling practises could not accurately predict the impact that the weather and motion of vessels in certain conditions would have on project plans. Time and money wasted due to offshore downtime with a significant difference between onshore predictions and models vs. the reality out at sea. That is how MO4 came into being. An increasing awareness and mounting frustration with the inability to make good decisions has led us to develop smarter and simpler ways of working.

“We do this because after years of producing reports and seeing them not being used to their full potential, it dawned on us that there is a more efficient and simpler way to improve outcomes for everyone” says Mark Paalvast, our co-founder and technical chief. To enable our customers to make good decisions, we meet on a consultative basis to see where we could fit in and add value. We use their experience, feedback and expertise to improve our product and iterate design to incorporate their knowledge. We thereby facilitate a closer working relationship through troubleshooting and ensuring we have a clear understanding of their concerns and challenges. This strategy keeps us on our toes as we are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our customers. Key to the process is an emphasis on collaboration. What we’ve found is that the most valuable insights come from working with our customers to innovate, not on our own.

As an industry, there has, for a long time, been a set way of working and thinking. The way things have always been done. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? One or two reasons come to mind. Cost is always at the forefront of operations. Huge margins built in to allow for downtime due to weather means huge budgets. By changing up the forecasting parameters to focus on vessel behaviour in any weather, we can significantly reduce downtime or mishaps, thereby reducing cost. We understand the stress of working on a vessel and making the calls and that is where we aim to make a big difference. With the touch of a button our customers have access to data that would previously have taken time to collect, analyse and disseminate. By shifting the mindset to one of collaboration instead of singular decision making, we take all those years of experience from our customer into account to produce the best product. Our solution is also a bit more cost effective than those in the market today.

Our aim over the next few years is to explain, educate, convince and perform for our customers. We know that we need to show and tell. No amount of telling will work unless it’s backed up by solid proof. We have some significant wins under our belt already. Working with industry leaders to test our systems and gather data, but also signing new clients who believe in our vision of working together to achieve results and make beneficial decisions. We can’t make the calls that those experienced vessel owners and operators have to make, but we can significantly impact the quality of their operations by helping them with state-of-the-art technology and forecasting abilities. Giving them the opportunity to increase their safety, cost savings and efficiency is our guiding principle.