September 19 2018 0Comment

Interface updates

We are working hard on a new revision of MO4 that includes some exciting developments, which is expected to be released coming next month. In this news item we would like to share some of the highlights.

The weather forecast dashboard has been thoroughly enhanced. It now provides an overview for forecasts from various moments and sources. Forecasts of wave, wind, current are combined with temperature, humidity, air pressure and various other relevant data. The interactive interface  makes it straight forward to identify where the volatility in the forecasts lies, and trends can be easily observed. The weather dashboard is also equipped with traditional forecasts in tabular or PDF format.

The second feature is an improvement of the measurement dashboard. We have been studying algorithms that make it possible to visualize trends and volatility in measured motions or weather. Effects such as heading, forward speed and loading condition have a strong effect on ship motion characteristics. These effects are included in the visualization of the measurements. A good overview of measurements is paramount to investigate how close the operation is to the limit and how it is expected to propagate.