September 18 2018 0Comment

MO4 to receive full DNV-GL approval

Why is the DNV-GL approval relevant for the MO4 community?               

Recently MO4 has obtained the “Technology Verification Letter” of DNVGL on the use of our software as decision support tool. The approval followed an extensive review project that covered all items, theory, hardware & software, of the MO4 suite. This approval is very relevant for the MO4 community mainly for the following reasons:

  1. The idea of MO4 is that motion forecasting is more accurate than seastate forecasting. However warranty surveyors are not at all times convinced of this innovative approach. The DNVGL approval provides a firm conclusion on the conformity of the MO4 method with the relevant DNVGL-ST-N001 code. This code is essential to almost all marine operations.
  2. MO4 is approved as a “MONITORING” system. According to the relevant codes the safety factors on the weather forecast (so called alpha-factors*) are some 10-20% more favourable. This directly results in 10-20% higher allowable weather conditions. For a typical North Sea operation this implies a 16-24% higher workability. This apart from any gain in workability due to the higher accuracy of the forecast.

A key milestone for MO4. Full speed ahead.


* DNVGL-ST-N001 / tables 2.3, 2.5 & 2.7