The MO4 onboard system is installed on the vessel bridge. The system accurately and clearly shows how the incomming weather will impact your trip or operation. MO4 uses a state-of-the-art ship motion algorithm combined with a detailed 2D spectral weather forecast, to generate a forecast of the ship motions of unrivaled quality. The forecasted motions are presented in an intuitive and simple way, to aid the crew of the vessel to make decisions based on the best available data. Motion sensors are used to provide confidence in the forecasts.





“This service truly changed our way of working. We feel more confident and see better workability as a result!”


  • Get an intuitive and clear insight in the near-future workability
  • Optimize your workability by choosing a favorable heading and operational sequence
  • Increase your workability by 20% or more.
  • Provide clarity in the decision making process
  • Easier to use on board than conventional engineering reports


Current methods used in the decision making process for marine operations often result in relative low workability. Assumptions made in the engineering phase do not always agree well with the actual offshore situation. MO4 allows the vessel staff to instantly re-assess the most relevant engineering results based on actual data. Thereby reducing risk, increasing workability and enhancing the overall project performance.


Walk through the MO4 software and see how a motion forecasted is generated as we go along

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Start-up MO4 has received the Offshore Wind Innovation Award 2019

The professional jury looked at the innovativeness, the financial and commercial feasibility of the MO4 developed software that is said to forecast the workability of vessels in offshore operations with much more accuracy than is currently possible, by computing the influence of waves, wind, and current on vessels. This innovation is said not only to […]

Decide whether to sail out at the push of a button

This article has been written for the  “Groundbreaking SME” section for InnovatieLink and the Topsector Energie (Netherlands) MO4 has developed a fundamentally different method to determine whether it is safe to work on offshore wind farms. Linking weather forecasts to a hydromechanical model does not predict wave heights but ship motions. Up to six days […]